Animal Ready Boost
Animal Ready Boost-icon
—Image © Zynga
SourceBear Collection, Market
PriceHorseshoe-icon 400 Horseshoes

The Animal Ready Boost is a Consumable which can be obtained from trading the Bear Collection or from the Market for Horseshoe-icon 400 Horseshoes. It can be found in the Pioneer's Inventory. After using the Animal Ready Boost, all Animals on the Homestead become ready to feed. It can be sold for Coins-icon 500 Coins.

For a short period of time from June 9, 2011 The Animal Ready Boost could no longer be obtained from trading the Bear Collection. Zynga had changed the reward to 2 Cow Ready Boosts and a clothing. Zynga then changed the reward for trading the Bear Collection back to the Animal Ready Boost.


Animal Ready Boosts are the Reward for trading in the Bear Collection

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