Apricot Tree
Apricot Tree-icon
—Image © Zynga
CostCoins-icon 1,300 Coins
SellCoins-icon 5 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 1 XP
SellCoins-icon 30 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 1 XP
SellCoins-icon 65 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 1 XP
SellCoins-icon 65 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 6 XP

The Apricot Tree is one of the Fruit Trees available in FrontierVille. It can be purchased from the Market for Coins-icon 1,300 Coins. Unlike Crops, Apricot Trees do not wither. They can be moved, but not rotated. This tree was released on June 25th, 2010.


Planting an Apricot Tree gains XP-icon 2 XP. It must then be watered twice before it becomes full size. Every time that it is watered, Energy-icon 1 Energy is used, and XP-icon 1 XP is gained. It will only produce Food when it is full size. It will produce XP-icon 6 XP and Food-icon 2 Food every 8 hours. There is a chance of finding an item from the Apricot Collection, or Energy-icon 1 Energy when watering or harvesting Apricot Trees.

Seedling Sapling Tree Fruit
Image Apricot Tree Seedling-icon Apricot Tree Sapling-icon Apricot Tree Big-icon Apricot Tree Fruit-icon


XP-icon Food-icon Reputation-icon
When Neighbor
x1 x1
When Visiting
x1 x1 x1


The Apricot Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by watering or harvesting Apricot Trees.

Collectibles Reward
Apricot Candy-icon Apricot Cider-icon Apricot Fritter-icon Apricot Oil-icon Apricot Preserves-icon Coins-icon

Apricot Candy Apricot Cider Apricot Fritter Apricot Oil Apricot Preserves 3000 Coins


See the Fruit Tree page for more info.

Fruits and Veggies, Part I of II-icon
Fruits and Veggies, Part I of II was a Limited Edition Goal that required the Pioneer to harvest 40 Apricot Trees.

Be Giant-icon
Be Giant is a Goal which requires the Pioneer to harvest 100 Apricot Trees.


The Apricot Tree is no longer available as a gift.

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