Ash Advantage
Ash Advantage-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionThis ash to have had a positive effect on my crops. If we can spread it on the fields, we could make something good from this!
Level Required17
Item1 Volcano, 3 Fertile Ash Boost, 1 Spicy Deer Jerky
Sharing Bonus

Ash Advantage is one of the Goals in Pioneer Trail. It was released on January 27th, 2014. It is a wrapper in the Something's Rumblin'!, Goal Series.

Tasks Edit

Ashed Animal-icon Tend a Carbon-Covered Sheep, Sooty Swine, and Ashen Alpaca Buy all for Horseshoe-icon 600 Horseshoes
Compost Pile-icon Harvest 50 Compost Piles for even more fertile goodness! Buy all for Horseshoe-icon 300 Horseshoes
Ash Spreader-icon Craft 16 Ash Spreaders to evenly distribute dat ash! Buy all for Horseshoe-icon 1008 Horseshoes
  • Carbon-Covered Sheep, Sooty Swine, and Ashen Alpaca come from the Ashed Animal.

Crafting Edit

Materials Product
Fine Drill-icon Dented Wheelbarrow-icon Ash Spreader-icon
3 Fine Drill 6 Dented Wheelbarrow Ash Spreader

The following item is used to collect the Construction Materials in addition to the typical News Feed posts and Direct Requests:

Gallery Edit

Ash Advantage

Goal Info

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