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An Aura is a colored outline appearing around a single object or group of objects, helping to identify which object(s) can be effected by a subsequent mouse-click. Depending on the pending action, the Aura can appear in different colors.

Gold Aura Edit

The Gold Aura will appear around a single object, identifying it as the object upon which action is about to be taken. It appears only when the Pioneer's mouse hovers over the object. This can occur on either the Pioneer's Homestead, or when visiting a Neighbor. It can also appear over numerous object when hiring a Neighbor, the highlighted objects are the ones that will be affected should you choose to hire your Neighbor.

Red Aura Edit

Aurared gopher

The Red Aura used to appear around a group of objects that are physically close to a Varmint. It would automatically display the Aura for all objects within the Varmint's range, regardless of the current mouse position on the Homestead. Taking action on an object with a Red Aura would require twice the normal amount of Energy. The Red Aura didnot appear when visiting a Neighbor.

Blue Aura Edit

The Blue Aura will appear around a group of objects that are associated with the actions of a Neighbor when visiting the Pioneer's Homestead. It appears when the Pioneer's mouse hovers over the Neighbor's avatar character, indicating which objects will be effected if the Neighbor's help is accepted. The Blue Aura does not appear when visiting a Neighbor.

Neighbor accepthelp

Watered crops.

Aurablue tree

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