Land expansion29

The Big Homestead is the first step of the expanding the Homestead. To get there, the Pioneer has to finish all five parts of the Goal Homestead Expansion.


When purchased, the Homestead grows by two squares in all two-dimensional directions. The upper-left and upper-right directions are filled with Lumber Trees, while the lower-left and lower-right directions are filled with Debris and a couple of Lumber Trees. The expansion area therefore appears in the same condition that occurred at the start of the game.

In FarmVille, land expansion only occurred in two directions, so that large items could be set against the "back wall" for long-term placement. However, in FrontierVille, the Pioneer will need to carefully determine a long-term strategy for the placement of large non-movable Lumber Trees since the land expansion will occur "behind" them.


When purchasing the Big Homestead, the Pioneer will receive two "Six Collectibles".

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