Bonus Bar

Bonus Bar

The Bonus Bar grows when picking up Coins-icon Coins, Energy-icon Energy, Food Piece-icon Food, Reputation-icon Reputation, Wood-icon Wood and Collectible items. The challenge is to fill the Bonus Bar to gain extra coins. The faster the Pioneer clicks on the icons that appear when tending, the faster and greater the Bonus Bar will fill. The bar starts flashing red after a few seconds with no clicks and will disappear and reset.

After the Bonus Bar has reached the Insane!!! Level, it repeats the level names from the beginning.

Large items like stacks of over 50 coins count as multiple clicks. Single and double items count as one click. Stacks of coins over 100 are five clicks. 8XP is worth three clicks.

Zynga posted this to the Facebook FrontierVille page on July 31, 2010:

    Howdy Pardners! Did you know that the drops (xp, coins, energy, collectables) are automatically given to you? Clicking on the drops only serves to fill your bonus meter and give you additional coins. It might take until they fade away, but they are there. Open up your collections and take a peek.


Bonus award in Coins is your current Experience Level times a bonus multiplier.

Bonus Level # items collected

to fill Bonus Bar

Multiplier Cumulative items


Total coins


Bonus! 4 1x 4 1x
Excellent! 7 2x 11 3x
Amazing! 10 3x 21 6x
Outstanding! 13 4x 34 10x
Holy Smokes! 16 5x 50 15x
Extreme! 19 6x 69 21x
OMGeezers! 22 7x 90 28x
Unstoppable! 25 8x 114 36x
Insane!!! 28 9x 141 45x


Badges Edit

The following badges are available from collecting from the Bonus Bar:

Clicking Badge-icon
Casual Clicker Badge
100 Objects
Clicking Badge-icon
Capricious Clicker Badge
1,000 Objects
Clicking Badge-icon
Crazy Clicker Badge
10,000 Objects
Clicking Badge-icon
Courageous Clicker Badge
100,000 Objects

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