Boosted General Store
Boosted General Store-icon
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Neighbors Required1
Sell forCoins-icon 0 Coins
CoinsCoins-icon 2,500 Coins
WoodWood-icon 50 Wood
Whack0 times
Wood RequiredWood-icon 0 Wood
Daily Bonus
CoinsCoins-icon 250 Coins
OtherGeneral Store Collectible

The Boosted General Store is a Building that provides a Pioneer with 250 coins every 24 hours in FrontierVille. Boosted General Stores can be obtained by clicking on the current General Store and selecting "Upgrade."

The first phase of construction is to Whack together the Framework of the building. Then, Construction Materials must be obtained for its completion.

While constructing the Boosted General Store and by collecting the Daily Bonus, there is a chance of finding collectibles from the General Store Collection.

Construction Materials Edit

For the complete construction, the following materials are required.

Hammer Nail Brick Hand Drill Paint Bucket
Hammer-icon Nails-icon Bricks-icon Hand Drill-icon Paint Bucket-icon
x5 x5 x5 x5 x5
Window Cement Peg Mallet Shingles
Window-icon Cement-icon Peg-icon Mallet-icon Shingles-icon
x0 x0 x0 x0 x0
Measuring Tape Screwdriver Hanger Elbow Grease Construction Level
Measuring Tape-icon Screwdriver-icon Hanger-icon Elbow Grease-icon Construction Level-icon
x0 x0 x0 x0 x0

Other MaterialsEdit

5 Shelves
5 Bins

Upgrade Stages Edit

Original Upgrading Complete
General Store-icon Boosted General Store Upgrade-icon Boosted General Store-icon

Customize Edit

After building the Boosted General Store, it may be customized with different walls, roof, trim, and details.

Part Style 1 Style 2 Style 3
Walls Boosted General Store Stucco Walls-icon
Stucco Walls
Boosted General Store Wooden Walls-icon
Wooden Walls
Boosted General Store Shanty Walls-icon
Shanty Walls
Roof Boosted General Store Standard Roof-icon
Standard Roof
Boosted General Store Thatched Roof-icon
Thatched Roof
Boosted General Store Shanty Roof-icon
Shanty Roof
Trim Boosted General Store Basic Trim-icon
Basic Trim
Boosted General Store Cottage Trim-icon
Cottage Trim
Boosted General Store Shanty Trim-icon
Shanty Trim
Details Boosted General Store Concrete Porch-icon
Concrete Porch
Boosted General Store Stone Porch-icon
Stone Porch
Boosted General Store Wooden Porch-icon
Wooden Porch

Crafting Workbench Edit

The Boosted General Store's Crafting Workbench contains the following items.

Apple Ready Boost Set-icon
Apple Ready Boost Set
Apricot Ready Boost-icon
Apricot Ready Boost
Apricot Ready Boost Set-icon
Apricot Ready Boost Set
Cherry Ready Boost-icon
Cherry Ready Boost
Cherry Ready Boost Set-icon
Cherry Ready Boost Set
Peach Ready Boost Set-icon
Peach Ready Boost Set
Pear Ready Boost Set-icon
Pear Ready Boost Set
Peppermint Ready Boost Set-icon
Peppermint Ready Boost Set
File:Cocoa Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Cocoa Ready Boost Set
Cabbage Ready Boost Set-icon
Cabbage Ready Boost Set
Clover Ready Boost Set-icon
Clover Ready Boost Set
Corn Ready Boost Set-icon
Corn Ready Boost Set
Cotton Ready Boost Set-icon
Cotton Ready Boost Set
Eggplant Ready Boost Set-icon
Eggplant Ready Boost Set
Flax Ready Boost Set-icon
Flax Ready Boost Set
File:Melon Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Melon Ready Boost Set
File:Orchid Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Orchid Ready Boost Set
Peanut Ready Boost Set-icon
Peanut Ready Boost Set
Peas Ready Boost Set-icon
Peas Ready Boost Set
Potato Ready Boost Set-icon
Potato Ready Boost Set
Pumpkin Ready Boost Set-icon
Pumpkin Ready Boost Set
File:Roses Pink Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Roses Pink Ready Boost Set
File:Roses Red Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Roses Red Ready Boost Set
File:Roses White Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Roses White Ready Boost Set
Squash Ready Boost Set-icon
Squash Ready Boost Set
File:Sugar Cane Boost Set-icon.png
Sugar Cane Boost Set
Sunflower Ready Boost Set-icon
Sunflower Ready Boost Set
Tomato Ready Boost Set-icon
Tomato Ready Boost Set
Wheat Ready Boost Set-icon
Wheat Ready Boost Set

File:Badger Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Badger Ready Boost Set
Chicken Ready Boost Set-icon
Chicken Ready Boost Set
Cow Ready Boost Set-icon
Cow Ready Boost Set
File:Duck Ready Boost Set-icon.png
Duck Ready Boost Set
Goat Ready Boost Set-icon
Goat Ready Boost Set
Goose Ready Boost Set-icon
Goose Ready Boost Set
Horse Ready Boost Set-icon
Horse Ready Boost Set
Moose Ready Boost Set
Mule Ready Boost Set-icon
Mule Ready Boost Set
Ox Ready Boost Set-icon
Ox Ready Boost Set
Pig Ready Boost Set-icon
Pig Ready Boost Set
Sheep Ready Boost Set-icon
Sheep Ready Boost Set
Turkey Ready Boost Set-icon
Turkey Ready Boost Set
File:Building Boost-icon.png
Building Boost
Wither Protection Boost Set-icon
Wither Protection Boost Set
Unwither Crops Boost Set-icon
Unwither Crops Boost Set
Fast Hand Boost Set-icon
Fast Hand Boost Set
not avaiable in Boosted General Store October 9th 2011
Mystery Animal Ready Boost Set-icon
Mystery Animal Ready Boost Set
Accelerate Animal Boost-icon
Accelerate Animal Boost Set
Accelerated Crop Boost Set-icon
Accelerated Crop Boost Set
Tree Ready Boost Set-icon
Tree Ready Boost Set

Collection Edit

The General Store Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by whacking together or collecting the Daily Bonus from the General Store or Boosted General Store.

Collectibles Reward
Desk Bell-icon Old Book-icon Cash Register-icon Grain Sack-icon Receipt-icon Tools-icon Wood-icon
Desk Bell Old Book Cash Register Grain Sack Receipt 2 Tools 50 Wood

Goals Edit

See the Building page for more info.

See Also Edit

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