Camping Out!
Camping Out!-icon
—Image © Zynga
Start Date:September 8th, 2010
End Date:September 20th, 2010
Labor Day Extravaganza Camping Out! The Fire This Time!

The Camping Out! was an Event in FrontierVille which started on September 8th, 2010 and ended on September 20th, 2010. New Decorations were released.

Camping Out Event

Time to get ready for a campin' trip! Check out the market for bedrolls, marshmallows, and all the campin' gear you'll need to rough it out on the frontier.

New Decorations Edit

Items Released
Camping Chair-icon
Camping Chair
Camping Lantern-icon
Camping Lantern
Camping Seat-icon
Camping Seat
Camp Pack-icon
Camp Pack
Coffee Pot-icon
Coffee Pot
Green Bed Roll-icon
Green Bed Roll
Hanging Lantern-icon
Hanging Lantern
Large Tent-icon
Large Tent
Mallow Stick-icon
Mallow Stick
Pink Bed Roll-icon
Pink Bed Roll
Popcorn Kettle-icon
Popcorn Kettle
Trail Bag-icon
Trail Bag
Weenie Stick-icon
Weenie Stick

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