Grass - a common item to clear

Clearing is a very basic and convenient function in FrontierVille. The Homestead starts out with a very large amount of Debris (Cactus, Grass, Rocks, Skulls, Thorns, and Wildflowers) and Trees. More continue to grow and develop as time passes, causing Clearing to be a mandatory function throughout the Pioneer's progress. While clearing, the Pioneer may be awarded Coins, Experience, and Collectibles. The Pioneer may also stumble upon a Varmint.


One of the Goals of the Spouse will be to cut down 5 Lumber Trees. These should be saved and not cleared by the Pioneer.

In the Goal of A Thorny Problem, the Kid will be asked to clear the Homestead of 1 Cactus and 5 Thorns. These should be saved and not cleared by the Pioneer or the Spouse.

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