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Clothes are a Crafting Workbench item that can be used in making Fancy Clothing. Clothes is an objective item that may be required in some Goals. Going inside the Cabin provides the option to craft Clothes for Cloth-icon 6 Cloth and Coins-icon 500 Coins.

Crafting Edit

Materials Product Workbench
Cloth-icon Coins-icon Clothes-icon Cabin-icon
Cloth-icon 6 Cloth Coins-icon 500 Coins Clothes Cabin
Cloth-icon Coins-icon Clothes-icon Ponderosa Lodge-icon
Cloth-icon 6 Cloth Coins-icon 500 Coins 2 Clothes Ponderosa Lodge


The Clothes are used in constructing the following Buildings:

Doctor's Office-icon
10 Clothes
Doctor's Office

Goals Edit

Reward Edit

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