The following are the changes made to Collections on June 25th, 2010.

Collection Before Now
Apple Collection Wither Protection Boost XP-icon 25 XP, Pig
Cherry Collection Energy-icon 4 Energy Energy-icon 3 Energy
Chicken Collection Energy-icon 3 Energy Energy-icon 4 Energy
Chicken Coop Collection Food-icon 50 Food, 2 Chickens Food-icon 50 Food, Downy Feathers
Clearing Collection Wood-icon 30 Wood Wood-icon 35 Wood, Shovel
Clover Collection Food-icon 10 Food, Sheep Food-icon 25 Food,Sheep
Corn Collection Wither Protection Boost Goat, XP-icon 25 XP
Cow Collection Unwither Crops Boost, Bucket Food-icon 25 Food, Bucket
Crafting Collection Tools-icon 3 Tools Tools-icon 3 Tools, Wood-icon 50 Wood
Family Collection +2 Max Energy, Washboard Reputation-icon 5 Reputation,Washboard
Flax Collection Unwither Crops Boost, Cloth-icon 3 Cloth Ribbon-icon 4 Ribbon, Cloth-icon 2 Cloth
General Store Collection Tools-icon 2 Tools, Present Tools-icon 2 Tools, Wood-icon 50 Wood
Goat Collection XP-icon 10 XP, Cherry Tree XP-icon 25 XP, Cherry Tree
Inn Collection Coins-icon 2000 Coins, Batter-icon 1 Batters Horseshoe-icon 1 Horseshoes
Mule Collection Energy-icon 10 Energy, 3 Hay Bales Fruit Ready Boost
Oak Tree Collection Fire-icon 3 Fire, Coins-icon 250 Coins Fire-icon 3 Fire, Oak Tree sappling
Ox Collection +1 Max Energy XP-icon 25 XP, Cow
Peach Collection Fruit Harvest Boost Energy-icon 7 Energy, Barrel
Peanut Collection +1 Max Energy Unwither Crops Boost
Pear Collection Energy-icon 7 Energy XP-icon 50 XP, Crate
Peas Collection XP-icon 20 XP, Goat Wither Protection Boost
Pig Collection Fruit Ready Boost, Food-icon 25 Food Peach Tree, XP-icon 25 XP
Pine Tree Collection Plank-icon 3 Planks, Coins-icon 250 Coins Plank-icon 3 Planks, Pine Tree sappling
Potato Collection Energy-icon 6 Energy, Crate Food-icon 60 Food, Crate
Pumpkin Collection Energy-icon 5 Energy Goose, XP-icon 25 XP
School Collection Horseshoe-icon 1 Horseshoes Coins-icon 3500 Coins
Tomato Collection Coins-icon 300 Coins Coins-icon 500 Coins
Wagon Collection Plank-icon 1 Planks, Fire-icon 1 Fire Plank-icon 2 Planks, Fire-icon 2 Fire
Wheat Collection Animal Ready Boost, Pitchfork Haystack, Pitchfork
Wildflower Collection XP-icon 100 XP, Bouquet XP-icon 50 XP, Bouquet

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