Consumables are items on FrontierVille which can be used for Crops, Animals, or Goals and cannot be sold. Consumables can usually be obtained as rewards for trading in Collections. They can also be obtained through a gift from a Neighbor through the News Feed.

Collection Consumables Edit

Collection consumables are obtained only through trading in a Collection.

Animal Harvest Boost-icon
Animal Harvest
Animal Ready Boost-icon
Animal Ready
Fruit Ready Boost-icon
Fruit Ready
Fruit Harvest Boost-icon
Fruit Harvest
Unwither Crops Boost-icon
Unwither Crops
Wither Protection Boost-icon
Wither Protection

Goal Related Consumables Edit

Goal related consumables are needed for certain goals.They can be obtained through Neighbors gifting them through a News Feed post, or in some cases, you will receive one when you gift it to your neighbors.

Apple Treat-icon
Apple Treat
Baby Clothes-icon
Baby Clothes
Baby Name-icon
Baby Name
Bag of Compost-icon
Bag of Compost
Bag of Feed-icon
Bag of Feed
Bag of Fertilizer-icon
Bag of Fertilizer
Beaver Pelt2-icon
Beaver Pelt
Birch Bark-icon
Birch Bark
Blacksmith Apron-icon
Blacksmith Apron
Blacksmith Hammer-icon
Blacksmith Hammer
Blessed Powder-icon
Blessed Powder
Board Game-icon
Board Game
Bobbing Apple-icon
Bobbing Apple
Body Building Magazine-icon
Body-Building Magazine
Book Report-icon
Book Report
Bovine Insurance-icon
Bovine Insurance
Breath Mint-icon
Breath Mint
Bucket of Water-icon
Bucket of Water
Building Plan-icon
Building Plan
Cabbage Seed-icon
Cabbage Seed
Canning Jar-icon
Canning Jar
Can of Sardines-icon
Can of Sardines
Cardboard Box-icon
Cardboard Box
Carrot Treat-icon
Carrot Treat
Charm Bracelet-icon
Charm Bracelet
Charter Agreement-icon
Charter Agreement
Chicken Soup Recipe-icon
Chicken Soup Recipe
Christmas Card-icon
Christmas Card
Chunky Chow-icon
Chunky Chow
Course Marker-icon
Course Marker
Copper Pot-icon
Copper Pot
Coyote Poster-icon
Coyote Poster
Critter Clothes-icon
Critter Clothes
Critter Milk-icon
Critter Milk
Daily Edition-icon
Daily Edition
Dead Bug-icon
Dead Bug
Decoder Ring-icon
Decoder Ring
Dinner Bib-icon
Dinner Bib
Dog Collar-icon
Dog Collar
Dress Pattern-icon
Dress Pattern
Dried Fruit-icon
Dried Fruit
Elegant Painting-icon
Elegant Painting
Fair Ticket-icon
Fair Ticket
False Mustache-icon
False Mustache
Field Mice-icon
Field Mice
Flea Powder-icon
Flea Powder
Fuzzy Blanket-icon
Fuzzy Blanket
Glass Vial-icon
Glass Vial
Gnawed Bone-icon
Gnawed Bone
Ground Pole-icon
Ground Pole
Groundhog Decoy-icon
Groundhog Decoy
Hand Rake-icon
Hand Rake
Heavy Boot-icon
Heavy Boot
Help Wanted Sign-icon
Help Wanted Sign
Hip Boots-icon
Hip Boots
Holly Wreath-icon
Holly Wreath
Horse Bedding-icon
Horse Bedding
Horse Blanket-icon
Horse Blanket
Huntin' Knife-icon
Huntin' Knife
Insurance Waiver-icon
Insurance Waiver
Iron Ore-icon
Iron Ore
Jackalope RSVP-icon
Jackalope RSVP
Jig Music-icon
Jig Music
Juicy Berry-icon
Juicy Berry
Land Grant-icon
Land Grant
Leprechaun Trap-icon
Leprechaun Trap
Letter to Santa-icon
Letter to Santa
Logging Permit-icon
Logging Permit
Love Ballad-icon
Love Ballad
Love Letter-icon
Love Letter
Lucky Talisman-icon
Lucky Talisman
Lunch Pail-icon
Lunch Pail
Magnifying Lens-icon
Magnifying Lens
Map Coordinates-icon
Map Coordinates
Maple Syrup-icon
Maple Syrup
Marrow Bone-icon
Marrow Bone
Medical Journal-icon
Medical Journal
Metal Bar-icon
Metal Bar
Milking Stool-icon
Milking Stool
Missing Person Poster-icon
Missing Person Poster
New Years RSVP-icon
New Years RSVP
Paint Chips-icon
Paint Chips
Party Decoration-icon
Party Decoration
Paving Stone-icon
Paving Stone
Playground Sand-icon
Playground Sand
Potty Paper-icon
Potty Paper
Powder Keg-icon
Powder Keg
Prospectin' Gear-icon
Prospectin' Gear
Rabbit Steak-icon
Rabbit Steak
Red Glass Vial-icon
Red Glass Vial
Rodeo Gloves-icon
Rodeo Gloves
Rodeo Hat-icon
Rodeo Hat
Rodeo Vest-icon
Rodeo Vest
Saddle Soap-icon
Saddle Soap
Sauce Pan-icon
Sauce Pan
Scrap Metal-icon
Scrap Metal
Secret Handshake-icon
Secret Handshake
Self-Improvement Book-icon
Self-Improvement Book
Sewing Needle-icon
Sewing Needle
Scrub Brush-icon
Scrub Brush
Shaving Lather-icon
Shaving Lather
Sharp Axe-icon
Sharp Axe
Shipping Label-icon
Shipping Label
Silver Needle-icon
Silver Needle
Snake Bite Kit-icon
Snake Bite Kit
Special Seasoning-icon
Special Seasoning
Stamp Roll-icon
Stamp Roll
Straw Bale-icon
Straw Bale
Sugar Cube Treat-icon
Sugar Cube Treat
Survey Authorization-icon
Survey Authorization
Tax Form-icon
Tax Form
Throne Plunger-icon
Throne Plunger
Tootin' Jug-icon
Tootin' Jug
Trade Permit-icon
Trade Permit
Trail Marker-icon
Trail Marker
Turquoise Arrowhead-icon
Turquoise Arrowhead
Uilleann Pipe-icon
Uilleann Pipe
Valentine Card-icon
Valentine Card
Wagon Trailer-icon
Wagon Trailer
Water Rights Agreement-icon
Water Rights Agreement
Welcome Basket-icon
Welcome Basket
Wood Rasp-icon
Wood Rasp

Animal BoostsEdit

Animal Boosts come from purchases in the Boosted General Store's Crafting Workbench or as Rewards.

Chicken Ready Boost Set-icon
Chicken Ready Boost Set
Goose Ready Boost Set-icon
Goose Ready Boost Set
Goat Ready Boost Set-icon
Goat Ready Boost Set
Sheep Ready Boost Set-icon
Sheep Ready Boost Set
Pig Ready Boost Set-icon
Pig Ready Boost Set
Cow Ready Boost Set-icon
Cow Ready Boost Set
Ox Ready Boost Set-icon
Ox Ready Boost Set
Mule Ready Boost Set-icon
Mule Ready Boost Set
Horse Ready Boost Set-icon
Horse Ready Boost Set
Turkey Ready Boost Set-icon
Turkey Ready Boost Set
Mystery Animal Ready Boost Set-icon
Mystery Animal Ready Boost Set
Accelerate Animal Boost-icon
Accelerate Animal Boost Set

Crop BoostsEdit

Crop Boosts come from purchases in the Boosted General Store's Crafting Workbench or as Rewards.

Clover Ready Boost Set-icon
Clover Ready Boost Set
Tomato Ready Boost Set-icon
Tomato Ready Boost Set
Pumpkin Ready Boost Set-icon
Pumpkin Ready Boost Set
Eggplant Ready Boost Set-icon
Eggplant Ready Boost Set
Potato Ready Boost Set-icon
Potato Ready Boost Set
Flax Ready Boost Set-icon
Flax Ready Boost Set
Corn Ready Boost Set-icon
Corn Ready Boost Set
Cabbage Ready Boost Set-icon
Cabbage Ready Boost Set
Sunflower Ready Boost Set-icon
Sunflower Ready Boost Set
Wheat Ready Boost Set-icon
Wheat Ready Boost Set
Peas Ready Boost Set-icon
Peas Ready Boost Set
Cotton Ready Boost Set-icon
Cotton Ready Boost Set
Peanut Ready Boost Set-icon
Peanut Ready Boost Set
Red Rose Ready Boost Set-icon
Red Rose Ready Boost Set
Pink Rose Ready Boost Set-icon
Pink Rose Ready Boost Set
White Rose Ready Boost Set-icon
White Rose Ready Boost Set
Accelerated Crop Boost Set-icon
Accelerated Crop Boost Set
Wither Protection Boost Set-icon
Wither Protection Boost Set
Unwither Crops Boost Set-icon
Unwither Crops Boost Set

Tree BoostsEdit

Tree Boosts come from purchases in the Boosted General Store's Crafting Workbench or as Rewards.

Cherry Ready Boost Set-icon
Cherry Ready Boost Set
Apple Ready Boost Set-icon
Apple Ready Boost Set
Pear Ready Boost Set-icon
Pear Ready Boost Set
Peach Ready Boost Set-icon
Peach Ready Boost Set
Apricot Ready Boost Set-icon
Apricot Ready Boost Set
Peppermint Ready Boost Set-icon
Peppermint Ready Boost Set
Tree Ready Boost Set-icon
Tree Ready Boost Set

Miscellaneous BoostsEdit

Miscellaneous Boosts come from purchases in the Boosted General Store's Crafting Workbench or as Rewards.

Book of Experience-icon
Book of Experience
Fast Hand Boost Set-icon
Fast Hand Boost Set
Intuit Business Boost-icon
Intuit Business Boost
Map Piece-icon
Map Piece

Unreleased ConsumablesEdit

Arms Permit-icon
Arms Permit
Bear Tranquilizer-icon
Bear Tranquilizer

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