Cousin Charles Letters
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Cousin Charles Letters are a type of Mail that pop up on the Homestead:

Letters Edit

First Cousin Charles Letter Edit

Frontier Jack message: Why look - it's a letter from your Cousin Charles, the tailor from Back East! He's a nice young feller, as I recall. What's he up to?

Dear Pioneer,
How's life out on the prairie? Things aren't so good here; the boss cut our wages again and now I'm working 18 hours a day for 16 cents an hour and a moldy cheese sandwich.
I'm thinking about maybe chucking it all in and opening a tailor shop out your way - if I can raise the train fare. Do you think there'd be any interest?
Hope you and the family are doing well.

Second Cousin Charles Letter Edit

Frontier Jack message: Here's Charles again! Do you think he's gonna move out here and open his shop? I got some drawers that need mendin' - and fast!

Dear Pioneer,
That's great news! It sounds like there's plenty of work for a tailor in your town. I'm on my way out - just as soon as I can make enough money to pay off my tab at the company store and buy a train ticket for me and my dog. Hopefully that won't take more than a couple of years.
Looking forward to seeing you again!

Gallery Edit

Charles Letter1 Intro
Charles Letter2 Intro
Charles Letter1
Charles Letter2

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