Covered Wagon
Covered Wagon-icon
—Image © Zynga
CoinsCoins-icon 5,000 Coins
WoodWood-icon 8 Wood
Whack0 times
Daily Bonus
FoodFood-icon 5 Food

The Covered Wagon is a Building that provides a Pioneer with Food-icon 5 Food every 24 hours in FrontierVille. Covered Wagons are available for purchase in the Market for Coins-icon 5,000 Coins and Wood-icon 8 Wood. When bought and placed on the homestead, the Covered Wagon does not have a foundation, it will not require construction, and yields XP-icon 1 XP. When collecting the Daily Bonus, there is a chance of finding collectibles from the Wagon Collection.

Customize Edit

After buying the Covered Wagon, it may be customized with different walls, roof, trim, and details.

Part Style 1 Style 2 Style 3
Walls Wagon Basic Walls-icon
Basic Walls
Wagon Shanty Walls-icon
Shanty Walls
Wagon Gypsy Walls-icon
Gypsy Walls
Roof Wagon Basic Cover-icon
Basic Cover
Wagon Shanty Cover-icon
Shanty Cover
Wagon No Cover-icon
No Cover
Trim Wagon Basic Wheels-icon
Basic Wheels
Wagon Big Wheels-icon
Big Wheels
Wagon Gypsy Wheels-icon
Gypsy Wheels

Crafting Workbench Edit

The Covered Wagon's Crafting Workbench contains the following crafting items.

Materials Product
Wood-icon Coins-icon Plank-icon
Wood-icon 7 Wood Coins-icon 250 Coins Plank
Wood-icon Cloth-icon Fire-icon
Wood-icon 7 Wood Cloth-icon 5 Cloth Fire

Collection Edit

The Wagon Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by whacking together or collecting the Daily Bonus from the Covered Wagon.

Collectibles Reward
Brake Lever-icon Seat-icon Wagon Wheel-icon Yoke-icon Wagon Tongue-icon Plank-icon Fire-icon
Brake Lever Seat Wagon Wheel Yoke Wagon Tongue 2 Planks 2 Fire

Goals Edit

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