The Crafting Workbench is unique to FrontierVille since you can create new items in the game by using two or more other items to make it. Most Buildings have Crafting Workbenches. However, the School House indicates that school is out until finishing Finding the Perfect Apple.

Color CodingEdit

Crafting items shown below with a light brown background on this wiki are items that can be received as a Mystery Gift.

Production Edit

Item Created Raw Material #1 Raw Material #2 Raw Material #3 Produced In
Plank Wood-icon 7 Wood Coins-icon 250 Coins None Covered Wagon
Fire Wood-icon 7 Wood Cloth-icon 5 Cloth None Covered Wagon, Shagbark Tree, Haunted Garden, Giant Cauldron
Clothes Cloth-icon 6 Cloth Coins-icon 500 Coins None Cabin
5 Fireworks 1 Saltpeter Fire-icon 5 Fire None Cabin
Present Ribbon-icon 2 Ribbon Cloth-icon 5 Cloth None General Store, Boosted General Store
Fancy Clothing Ribbon-icon 2 Ribbon Clothes-icon 2 Clothes None General Store, Boosted General Store
Sawhorse 5 Planks Tools-icon 2 Tools None Barn, Big Barn
Crib Ribbon-icon 5 Ribbon 2 Sawhorses None Barn, Big Barn
Batter Food-icon 20 Food Coins-icon 900 Coins None Inn, Inn L'Amour
Cake Fire-icon 2 Fire 4 Batter None Inn, Inn L'Amour
Comforter Cloth-icon 15 Cloth 3 Downy Feathers None Chicken Coop
Furnishings 4 Sawhorses Tools-icon 4 Tools None Sawmill
Feather Bed 1 Furnishings 2 Comforters None Sawmill
Land Grant Coins-icon 10,000 Coins Cloth-icon 15 Cloth None Land Office
Sextant Wood-icon 25 Wood Tools-icon 3 Tools None Land Office
Powder Keg 1 Saltpeter Fire-icon 5 Fire None Foundry
Pamphlet 1 Ink Well Coins-icon 1,000 Coins None Chapel
Choir Outfit 2 Pamphlets 2 Fancy Clothing None Chapel
Medicinal Elixir 5 Glass Vials 1 Peppermint Extract None Doctor's Office
Blacksmith Coal Wood-icon 200 Wood Fire-icon 4 Fire None Blacksmith
Iron Ingot 2 Blacksmith Coal 10 Iron Ore None Blacksmith
Harvester 3 Iron Ingots Wood-icon 500 Wood None Blacksmith
Feed Bucket 3 Iron Ingots Food-icon 500 Food None Blacksmith
2 Clothes Cloth-icon 6 Cloth Coins-icon 500 Coins None Ponderosa Lodge
10 Fireworks 1 Saltpeter Fire-icon 5 Fire None Ponderosa Lodge
Bit Coins-icon 500 Coins 1 Iron Ore None Corral
Bridle 1 Bit 5 Leather Squares None Corral
Picket Board 1 Pine Board 1 Wood Glue 2 Used Nails Crafting Workshop
Fencin' Tools 1 Mason Hammer 1 Hand Saw 2 Hand Planes Crafting Workshop
Ivory Picket Fence 2 Picket Boards 2 Fencin' Tools 3 Ivy Starters Crafting Workshop
Grass Starter 2 Cow Fertilizers 1 Chicken Fertilizer 2 Grass Seeds Crafting Workshop
Stone Cuttin' Tools 1 Mason Hammer 1 Masonry Ruler 1 Chisel Crafting Workshop
Grassy Stone Path 2 Grass Starter 2 Stone Cuttin' Tools 3 Smooth Rocks Crafting Workshop
Workshop Cement 2 Workshop Limestone 1 Smooth Rocks 2 Stirrin' Buckets Crafting Workshop
Pavin' Tools 1 Mason Hammer 1 Masonry Ruler 1 Chisel Crafting Workshop
2 Man-made Pond 4 Workshop Cement 4 Pavin' Tools 6 Pail of Water Crafting Workshop
3 Copper Plates 1 Copper Ore 1 Mason Hammer 2 Smithin' Tongs Crafting Workshop
2 Motion Components 1 Copper Ore 2 Gears 1 Gizmo Crafting Workshop
Robo Chicken 10 Copper Plates 4 Motion Components 8 Actuator Crafting Workshop
Broom 400 Corn Bristles 20 Broom Handle None Spooky Shack
Wicked Cute Broom 250 Treats 1 Broom None Spooky Shack
Wicked Spooky Broom 250 Tricks 1 Broom None Spooky Shack
Happy Paper Lantern 15 Treats 15 Paper Bag None Spooky Shack
Spooky Paper Lantern 15 Tricks 15 Paper Bag None Spooky Shack
Floral Grave 10 Treats 20 Sandstone None Spooky Shack
Spooky Grave 10 Tricks 20 Sandstone None Spooky Shack
Bright Pumpkin Lantern 7 Treats 15 Unripe None Spooky Shack
Spooky Pumpkin Lantern 7 Tricks 15 Unripe None Spooky Shack
Pumpkin Fence 20 Treats 20 Old Fence None Spooky Shack
Pumpkin Fence 20 Tricks 20 Old Fence None Spooky Shack
Red Eye 2 After Burner 4 Butterscotch None Saloon
Granny's Gut Punch 5 Iced Tea 5 Granny's No.5 None Saloon
Raging Buffalo 1 Ginger Beer 1 Firework Dust None Saloon
Quick Draw Quaff 10 Oat Syrup 10 Filtered Water None Saloon
Green Lightning 10 Varmint Julep 10 Mule Kick Mix None Saloon
Loyal Pioneer 10 Fire Water 10 Fruit Punch None Saloon
Wagon Ration 1 Fire 1 Ground Chuck None Chuck Wagon
2 Wagon ration 2 Cornbread 2 Jalapenos None Chuck Wagon
Tainted Nut 1 Fire 2 Big Gnarly Nut None Shagbark Tree
Weed Killer 1 Fire 2 Deathcap None Haunted Garden
Skull Cannonball 1 Fire 1 Shrunken Head None Giant Cauldron
After Burner 1 Extra Hot Chili 10 Iron Ore None Birch Still
Blue Spider 5 Firework Shell 5 Firework Fuse None Fireworks Stand
Red Peony 5 Pyrotechnic 5 Lift Charge None Fireworks Stand
Green Willow 5 Firework Shell 5 Pyrotechnic None Fireworks Stand
Gold Fish 5 Firework Fuse 5 Lift Charge None Fireworks Stand
Polished Gemstones 30 Rough Gemstones 3 Gem Polishers None Wedding Wagon
The Ring 3 Polished Ring Band None Wedding Wagon
Posies 5 Red Rose Buds 5 Silver Candles None Wedding Wagon
Arrangement 2 Posies Vase None Wedding Wagon
Twill 30 Cloths Shears None Wedding Wagon
The Suit 5 Twill Armadillo Shoes None Wedding Wagon
Wedding Bands 6 Eternity 25 Gold Nuggets None Wedding Wagon
Tuxedo 5 Black Velvet Thread Spool None Wedding Wagon
Large Spade 8 Sheet Steels 10 Wood None Wedding Wagon
Trapping Net 10 Strong Twine 5 Rope None Wedding Wagon
Guitar Fretboard 5 Rosewood 4 Mother of Pearl None Grand Bandstand
Sterling's Guitar 5 Ebony 4 Hide Glue None Grand Bandstand
Toonie's Bass 3 Tailpice 5 Bass Strings None Grand Bandstand
Sterling's Huitar 3 Guitar Fretboards 5 Guitar Strings None Grand Bandstand
Banjo Pot 5 Rock Maple 4 Tuning Peg None Grand Bandstand
Penny's Banjo 3 Banjo Pots 5 Banjo Picks None Grand Bandstand
Chocolate Chips 7 Double Boilers 6 Baking Chocolate None Brick Oven
Chocolate Chips 2 Chocolate Chips 10 Whipped Yolk None Brick Oven
Ganache 8 Garnish 7 Cocoa Powder None Brick Oven
Chocolate Chips 3 Ganache 10 Heavy Cream None Brick Oven
Milk Chocolate 10 Raw Sugar 8 Chocolate Shavings None Brick Oven
Chocolate Chips 5 Milk Chocolate 15 Cream Cheese None Brick Oven
Horse Whistle 9 Beaded Strings 12 Reed Stalks None Lil Crow's Hideout
Mustang Lasso 9 Rawhide 6 Lariat Weights None Lil Crow's Hideout
Corn Chowder 4 Corn Kernels 2 Ceramic Bowls None Gravy Train
Cajun Peas 4 Peas 2 Cajun Seasoning None Gravy Train
Smooshed Potatoes 3 Large Potatoes 4 Potato Masher None Gravy Train
Peppered Mashed Potatoes Smooshed Potatoes 4 Creamy Butter None Gravy Train
Stuffing 5 Bread Crumbs 5 Stuffin' Spices None Gravy Train
Stuffed Turkey Stuffing 5 Roasted Turkey None Gravy Train
Moccasin 10 Leather Hide 8 Moccasin Sole None Shaman Lodge
Moccasin 2 Colored Beads 3 Roasted Turkey None Shaman Lodge
Hinge Arm 15 Springs 15 Pipe None Potting Shed
Seeder Frame 15 Push Handle 15 Funnel None Potting Shed
Seed-O-Matic Seeder Frame Hinge Arm None Potting Shed
Multi-Planter 2*4 Seed-O-Matic 15 Whirleygig None Potting Shed

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