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Daily Bonuses are bonuses you are able to obtain from any Building once per day. The Daily Bonus can be obtained by clicking on the option in the drop-down menu after clicking on a building. If the daily bonus for that building has already been claimed that day, it will not be an option until the next day. All buildings have daily bonuses and have similar rewards. Experience, Coins, Food, Wood, and a Collection item from that building's collection are all possible rewards for any daily bonus.

For the Toll Booth, the Daily Bonus is actually available once every six hours.

Building Bonus
Cabin Wood-icon 10 Wood
General Store Coins-icon 150 Coins
Barn Food-icon 15 Food
School House XP-icon 25 XP
Inn Energy-icon 3 Energy
Covered Wagon Food-icon 5 Food
Chicken Coop All Chickens are automatically tended.
Sawmill All Lumber Trees drop Wood.
Land Office Random amount of Experience, Wood, and Food
Storage Shed Random, low-priced Decoration.
Foundry Manure Collectible, Coins-icon 597 Coins
Horseshoe Pit Random prizes.
Jackalope Lodge XP-icon 50 XP, Light Snack, Breakfast, and Lunch
Toll Booth Every visitor on your Homestead drops a random amount of Experience, Wood, or Food.
Boosted General Store Coins-icon 250 Coins
Trading Post Coins-icon 100 Coins, XP-icon 2 XP
Barber Shop Coins-icon 100 Coins, XP-icon 5 XP
Chapel Coins-icon 150 Coins
Pony Express Coins-icon 150 Coins
Flower Shop Coins-icon 100 Coins, XP-icon 2 XP
Blacksmith Coins-icon 40 Coins, XP-icon 6 XP, 2 Iron Ore
Detective Agency Coins-icon 150 Coins
Doghouse Coins-icon 150 Coins, XP-icon 10 XP
Corral Wood-icon 10 Wood
Beehive Random boosts
Newspaper Stand Coins-icon 150 Coins
Ponderosa Lodge Coins-icon 150 Coins
Pet Shop Coins-icon 150 Coins
Waterwell Random boosts
Shaman Lodge get charms

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