Grass is a very common type of debris

Debris is various objects on your Homestead. There are six types of Debris: Grass, Cacti, Rocks, Skulls, Thorns, and Wildflowers. Debris can be removed by the Pioneer in order to free space for other objects, or for Resources. Debris are available from the Market for horseshoes.

Turning in collections also yields debris: Cabbage Collection (Thorns), Cow Collection (Skull), Clearing Collection (Rocks), Manure Collection (Wildflowers), Wheat Collection (Grass).


  • Removing Neighbor's debris provides Coins, Collectibles, and XP without using Energy.
  • If you are having trouble getting debris to "grow", give it a kickstart by clearing a section of your land around a border. Debris starts easily around the borders and will work its way toward the center of your land, so chop down Trees and move Decorations and Buidings somewhere else.
  • Debris "grows" multiple times per day, every few hours. Check back in intervals to complete Goals that require you to clear debris.


Please see the specific debris pages for information on what goals they are needed for.


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