Extra! Extra!, Part IV of IV
Extra! Extra!, Part IV of IV-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionYour little newspaper business is doing pretty well, Pardner! A little more elbow grease and you might even say it was booming!
In-Game HintVisit your neighbors to respond to their Classified Ads. You can publish a Daily Editions by clicking your Newspaper Stand and selecting "Publish." Click "ask" above to ask friends for Photographs.
XPXP-icon 200 XP
CoinsCoins-icon 500 Coins
Item1 Newspaper Hat
Sharing Bonus
CoinsCoins-icon 100 Coins
Extra! Extra!, Part III of IV Extra! Extra!, Part IV of IV

Extra! Extra!, Part IV of IV is one of the Goals in FrontierVille. It was released on April 8th, 2011. It is the fourth step in the Extra! Extra! Goal Series.

Tasks Edit

Photograph-icon Collect 10 Photographs Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 60 Horseshoes
Daily Edition-icon Publish 10 Daily Editions Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 95 Horseshoes
Classified Ad Respond-icon Respond to 10 Neighbor Classified Ads Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 75 Horseshoes

Share Edit

Share Extra Extra Part IV Pioneer Prints all the News that Gives You Fits!

Pioneer knows the news goes on for 24 hours a day! This paper magnate can't be stopped! Here are some coins for the less fortunate.

Gallery Edit

Extra Extra Part IV

Goal Info

Extra Extra Part IV Complete

Goal Completed

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