Gather Weaving Materials
Gather Weaving Materials-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionTime to get to weavin'! You're gonna need to gather everything from the fibers to the dye.
In-Game HintYou'll get Cloth while visiting neighbors to harvest their trees! There is a large coin reward for completion! (The Cloth will be expended once you've met all the conditions of the Mission.)
Sharing Bonus
ItemLoom Decoration
Care for Your Child Gather Weaving Materials Tend Neighbor Crops 2

Gather Weaving Materials is a Goal in FrontierVille which was released on August 2nd, 2010. It will appear in the game as soon as one completes any current goal.


Cherry Tree-icon Harvest 15 Ripe Neighbor Cherry Trees. Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 15 Horseshoes
Flax-icon Harvest 15 Flax. Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 30 Horseshoes
Cloth-icon Collect 100 Cloth. (It'll cost ya 100 Cloths to fulfill this Mission). Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 50 Horseshoes


Share Edit

Share Gather Weaving Materials Pioneer did an amazing job gettin' fruit which resulted in a loom!

Pioneer decided one of y'all would love a loom on your homestead!!

Gallery Edit

Gather Weaving Materials

Goal Info

Gather Weaving Materials Complete

Goal Completed

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