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General Storesplosion
General Storesplosion-icon
—Image © Zynga
Start Date:August 17th, 2010
End Date:August 20th, 2010
Hay Fever Event General Storesplosion Barbecue Event

The General Storesplosion is an event that started on August 17th, 2010 and ended on August 20th, 2010. New decorations were released.

New DecorationsEdit

Items Released
Can Pyramid-icon
Can Pyramid
Delivery Wagon-icon
Delivery Wagon
Fruit Stand-icon
Fruit Stand
Lemonade Stand-icon
Lemonade Stand
Sale Sign-icon
Sale Sign
Sheriff Statue-icon
Sheriff Statue
Trash Pile-icon
Trash Pile

Gallery Edit

The General Storesplosion

General Storesplosion

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