This Guide will help you take advantage of gifting and hopefully make your FrontierVille Gift experience a little easier.


Update: Gift Manipulation is not working any more.

You can manipulate the URL to send an item that is and isn't shown on your gift page. By changing the highlighted value you are able to send any gift that FrontierVille has active. You can also post this link to your neighbors, so that they can send you, your wanted item.

  • You need to be a certain Level to send some gifts, as indicated by the table below.

Manipulating Received GiftsEdit

It is possible to manipulate gifts received from neighbors and turn them into any giftable item you wish. To do this simply accept any gift sent by one of your neighbors. After the confirmation of accepting the gift page loads click on your address bar and look for the two sections that say gift=??? (the ??? will be replaced with the gift you have received). You can then replace them with any item in the list below to receive that item (eg. gift=meal4 will gift you a Dinner.) You can receive one of every item for each original gift you accept.

Gift Value list Edit

Image Name Value
Picnic Basket-icon Picnic Basket picnic_basket
Light Snack-icon Light Snack meal1
Breakfast-icon Breakfast (Level 15) meal2
Lunch-icon Lunch (Level 40) meal3
Dinner-icon Dinner (Level 100) meal4
Ribbon-icon Ribbon ribbon
Mystery Gift-icon Mystery Gift Myst box one - gift_mystery1
Mystery Gift-icon - gift_mystery2
Mystery Gift 3 - gift_mystery3
Myst box four - gift_mystery4
Hammer-icon Hammer hammer
Nails-icon Nail nails
Bricks-icon Brick bricks
Hand Drill-icon Hand Drill hand_drill
Paint Bucket-icon Paint Bucket paint_bucket
Slate-icon Slate slate
Quill Pen-icon Ink Pen pen
Ink Well-icon Ink Well ink
Spitball-icon Spitball spitball
Chalk-icon Chalk chalk
Chicken-icon Chicken chicken
Cherry Tree-icon Cherry tree cherryfront
Goat-icon Goat goat
Pine Tree-icon Pine Tree pinefront
Sheep-icon Sheep (Level 8) sheep
Apple Tree-icon Apple Tree (Level 8) applefront
Goose-icon Goose (Level 10) goose
Pig-icon Pig (Level 12) pig
Pear Tree-icon Pear Tree (Level 16) pearfront
Cow-icon Cow (Level 18) cow
Ox-icon Ox (Level 23) ox
Peach Tree-icon Peach Tree (Level 24) peachfront
Apricot Tree-icon Apricot tree (Level 30) apricotfront
Bucket-icon Bucket bucket
Hay Bale-icon Hay Bale hay
Open Crate-icon Open Crate opencrate
Fence-icon Fence straightfence
Blue Flowers-icon Blue Flowers smallflowers_blue
Thin Cobblestone-icon Thin Cobblestone cobblestone_border_thin
Yellow Flowers-icon Yellow Flowers smallflowers_yellow
Small Flowerbed-icon Small Flowerbed flowerbed_small
Stone Border-icon Stone Border cobblestone_border
Round Flower Pot-icon Round Flower Pot flowerpot_round
Fruitcake-icon Fruit Cake fruitcake
Large Wreath-icon Large Wreath


Holiday Fence garland_fence
Care Package carepackages

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