In FrontierVille, you can receive gifts from your friends as well as send them gifts. The available 'Free Gifts' may change over time but usually include certain Foods, Animals, Trees, Construction Materials and Decorations. Gifting is the only way to obtain Construction Materials.

To send a gift to a friend click on the 'Free Gift' tab or click on a friend's icon on your friend bar and select 'Send Gift'. You may also send a friend a gift by going to your inventory menu. Gifts from the inventory can be Crafting items, School Supplies, Animals, Trees or Decorations. You can send Collectibles from the Collections menu, too. Be sure to add the items you really want to have to your Wishlist so you can share it with your friends!

You can only accept 60 gifts per day.

Requesting gifts from non Neighbors Edit

On 12th July 2010, Zynga added an update which has stopped the undocumented feature/bug of non neighbour gifting. When clicking on any gifts received by non neighbors the game redirects you to the main game page. The main reason for the update was because of player manipulation whereby a player could edit text in the address bar to receive any Collectible as a gift. Gifts can still be accepted normally by neighbors.

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