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CoinsCoins-icon 500 Coins
WoodWood-icon 50 Wood
Whack13 times
Wood RequiredWood-icon 13 Wood
Daily Bonus
XPXP-icon 50 XP
OtherGraveyard Collection

The Graveyard was a limited edition Building which provided a Pioneer with one Graveyard Collectible and one Construction Material every 24 hours in FrontierVille. Graveyards were available for purchase in the Market for Coins-icon 500 Coins and Wood-icon 50 Wood. When bought and placed on the homestead, the Graveyard yielded XP-icon 50 XP.

While constructing the Graveyard and by collecting the Daily Bonus, there is a chance of finding collectibles from the Graveyard Collection, as well as items from other collections.

Construction Materials Edit

For the initial purchase and the complete construction, a total of Wood-icon 219 Wood and the following materials were required.

Other MaterialsEdit

Severed Head-icon
1 Horseman's Head
Bloody Cannonball-icon
1 Bloody Cannonball
Hessian Hat-icon
1 Hessian Hat
Wooden Coffin-icon
10 Wooden Coffins
Grave Flowers-icon
10 Grave Flowers
Beeswax Candles-icon
10 Beeswax Candles

Construction Stages Edit

Phase 1 Complete
Graveyard-icon Graveyard-icon
0-13 Whacks Complete

Collection Edit

The Graveyard Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by whacking together or collecting the Daily Bonus from the Graveyard.

Collectibles Reward
Shrunken Head-icon Witch's Broom-icon Vampire Fangs-icon Garlic Necklace-icon Scary Mask-icon Skull-icon XP-icon
Shrunken Head Witch's Broom Vampire Fangs Garlic Necklace Scary Mask Skull 25 XP

Goals Edit

See the Building page for more info.

See AlsoEdit

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