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Due to the number of Homestead Goals we have had to split them up.

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Goals (also known as Quests or Missions) are specific tasks that a Pioneer and/or his/her family (depending on the goal) engage in to help in the creation of his or her Homestead and Town. There are currently 356 Goals, 21 Timed Goals, and 103 Limited Edition Goals in FrontierVille.

Homestead Goals Edit

Other Goals Edit

Badges Edit

The following badges shown are available from completing repeatable missions

Repeater Badge-icon
Able Repeater Badge
Complete 5 repeatable goals
Repeater Badge-icon
Stubborn Repeater Badge
Complete 20 repeatable goals
Repeater Badge-icon
Amazing Repeater Badge
Complete 50 repeatable goals
Repeater Badge-icon
Illustrious Repeater Badge
Complete 100 repeatable goals
Resolution Badge-icon
Resolute Pioneer Badge
Complete all 6 New Year's Resolutions
Florist Badge-icon
Flippant Florist Badge
Complete 4 Flower Shop Missions
Florist Badge-icon
Fickle Florist Badge
Complete 10 Flower Shop Missions
Florist Badge-icon
Funky Florist Badge
Complete 20 Flower Shop Missions
Florist Badge-icon
Fab Florist Badge
Complete 50 Flower Shop Missions

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