Huntin' Stuff
Huntin' Stuff-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionWhat's a pioneer without his rifle & skinnin' knife? The bears sure have gotten smart and like to run off with lost huntin' things. Try findin' Pa's huntin' stuff and get him some extra powder kegs and knives!
In-Game HintBears come around when you chop down full grown trees. Powder kegs can be crafted inside the Foundry. Click "Ask Friends" above to ask friends for Huntin' Knives.
CoinsCoins-icon 1,000 Coins
Item1 Dinner, 1 Map Piece
Sharing Bonus
Item1 Cherry Ready Boost
Lost Piglets Huntin' Stuff

Huntin' Stuff is one of the Limited Edition Goals in FrontierVille. It was released on April 26th, 2011 and is the final part of the Trouble on the Trail Goal Series. It needed to be accepted and finished by June 30th, 2011.

Tasks Edit

Bear-icon Clobber Eight Bears Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 100 Horseshoes
Powder Keg-icon Craft 5 Powder Kegs Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 20 Horseshoes
Huntin' Knife-icon Collect 20 Huntin' Knives Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 120 Horseshoes

Share Edit

Share Huntin' Stuff-icon Pioneer's a real straight shooter!

Pioneer found and collected huntin' supplies for Pa to take on the trail to Oregon! Pioneer is celebrating by giving boosts to friends!

Gallery Edit

Huntin' Stuff

Goal Info

Huntin' Stuff Complete

Goal Complete

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