Lava Gear
Lava Gear-icon
—Image © Zynga
SourceCrafting Workbench

Lava Gear is a Construction Material which was released on January 23rd, 2014.

Lava Gear can be Crafted within the Gem Mine dialog when the fourth stage of the Gem Mine build is active.

A single Lava Gear can be purchased from inside the Gem Mine build dialog for Horseshoe-icon 157 Horseshoes.

Crafting Edit

Materials Product
Asbestos Powder-icon Reflective Material-icon Heat Suit-icon
2 Asbestos Powder 2 Reflective Material Heat Suit
Heat Suit-icon Smelting Gloves-icon Lava Gear-icon
4 Heat Suit 5 Smelting Gloves Lava Gear

The following item is used to collect the Crafting Workbench items in addition to the typical News Feed posts and Direct Requests:

Usage Edit

Lava Gear is used in constructing the following Building(s):

Gem Mine-icon
10 Lava Gear
Gem Mine

Goals Edit

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