Limited Edition Goals were Goals in FrontierVille which were only available for a set amount of time. There were 133 Limited Edition Goals in FrontierVille.

4th of July Edit

Party on the 4th (2010)Edit

Fourth of July (2011)Edit

Back to School Edit

Halloween Edit

Headless Horseman Edit

Trick or Treat! Edit

Thanksgiving Edit

Christmas Edit

Winter's a Comin' Edit

Get Ready for the Holidays Edit

Gingerbread Edit

12 Days o' Christmas Edit

New Years Edit

Frontier New Year Edit

A Brand New Year! Edit

Groundhog Day Edit

Valentine's Day Edit

Goin' to the Chapel of Love Edit

Hearts and Flowers Edit

St. Patrick's Day Edit

A St. Patrick's Day Celebration Edit

To Catch a Leprechaun Edit

April Holidays Goal Series Edit

Trouble on the Trail Edit

Mother's Day Goal SeriesEdit

Anniversary 2011 Goal SeriesEdit

Pioneer's Camp Goal Series Edit

Packin' Bags & Pickin' Banjos Goal SeriesEdit

One Billion Hammers Goal SeriesEdit

Yosemite Honeymoon Goal Series Edit

Flintlock, Man of Mystery Goal SeriesEdit

Questathon Goal SeriesEdit

Halloween Tarot Card Sweepstakes Goal Series Edit

Haunted Homestead Goal Series Edit

Trick or Treat Goal Series Edit

Other Edit

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