Pine Tree Phase 1 (0 chops)

A small, pine lumber tree being selected to be cut down.

Pine Tree-icon
Lumber Trees
are Trees on your Homestead that can be cut down for Wood, Coins, and XP. It also helps clear up room and space. Lumber Trees grow as time progresses which cause them to require more chops to cut them completely down. After a Lumber Tree is completely cut down, a stump is left which must be Cleared to be disposed of.

Lumber Trees include Pine Trees and Oak Trees. The initial Lumber Trees on the Homestead are free, are not moveable, and can be cut down.

New Lumber Trees (Pine Trees and Oak Trees) are available for purchase at the market. When a Lumber Tree becomes fully-grown, it may begin producing saplings. The larger the Tree is, the more Wood can be produced for chopping it down. Oak trees produce more wood per final chop than Pine Trees. Instead of chopping seedlings that appear in an undesirable location, the Move Tool can be used to transplant the young Lumber Trees, although this was once not allowed.


  • Chopping Neighbor's Lumber Trees provides Wood without using Energy.
  • In some situations, chopping may leave a stump hidden behind other objects. To avoid leaving a hidden stump, do not move the cursor after the final chop. Clicking once more will clear the hidden stump. If the cursor is moved, this opportunity is lost.


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