The Mystery Animal was a Limited Edition Item which appeared in the Market on August 18th, 2010, with a set of three times three animals: Owl, Hedgehog and Rabbit. These were removed on August 30th, 2010.

It was reintroduced again on September 14th, 2010 until September 27th, 2010 with 3 animals: Alpacas, Turtles, and Ferrets.

It was reintroduced again on October 4th, 2010 with 3 new animals: Deer, Quails, and Squirrels.

It was reintroduced again on October 15th, 2010 during the Mystery Animals Against Hunger Event until October 24th, 2010.

It was reintroduced again on October 21st, 2010 until November 7th, 2010 with 3 new animals: Bats, Rats, and Ravens.

It was reintroduced again on November 4th, 2010 until November 19th, 2010 with 3 new animals: Chameleons, Chinchillas, and Highland Cows.

It was reintroduced again on November 28th, 2010 until January 6th, 2010 with 3 new animals: Polar Bears, Penguins, and Sugargliders

It was reintroduced again on November 30th, 2010 until December 20th, 2010 with 3 new animals: Rams, Chipmunks, and Armadillos

It was reintroduced again on December 16th, 2010 until December 31st, 2010 with three types of Reindeer.

It was reintroduced again on January 21st, 2011 until January 31st, 2011 with 3 new animals: Seals, Swans, and Frogs.

It was reintroduced again on February 9th, 2011 until February 28th, 2011 with 3 new kissing animals: Rabbits, Swans, and Sheep.

Buying or opening the box or feeding the animal gives a chance of finding an item from the Mystery Animal Collection.

Event mysteryanimal
Mystery Animal2-icon
Mystery Animal3
Event Mystery Animals Against Hunger
Mystery Animals5
Deepen the Mystery Banner
Mystery Reindeer Banner
Mystery Animal6 Banner
Mystery Animal7 Banner

Animals Edit

Hedgehogs Blue Hedgehog-icon
Blue Hedgehog
Brown Hedgehog-icon
Brown Hedgehog
White Hedgehog-icon
White Hedgehog
Red Hedgehog-icon
Red Hedgehog
Owls Night Owl-icon
Night Owl
Brown Owl-icon
Brown Owl
White Owl-icon
White Owl
Rabbits Pink Rabbit-icon
Pink Rabbit
Brown Rabbit-icon
Brown Rabbit
White Rabbit-icon
White Rabbit
Red Rabbit-icon
Red Rabbit
Kissing Rabbits-icon
Kissing Rabbits
Turtles Green Turtle-icon
Green Turtle
Blue Turtle-icon
Blue Turtle
Red Turtle-icon
Red Turtle
Alpacas Pink Alpaca-icon
Pink Alpaca
Brown Alpaca-icon
Brown Alpaca
White Alpaca-icon
White Alpaca
Red Alpaca-icon
Red Alpaca
Ferrets Black Ferret-icon
Black Ferret
Brown Ferret-icon
Brown Ferret
White Ferret-icon
White Ferret
Red Ferret-icon
Red Ferret
Deer White Deer-icon
White Deer
Brown Deer-icon
Brown Deer
Pink Deer-icon
Pink Deer
Red Deer-icon
Red Deer
Quails White Quail-icon
White Quail
Lilac Quail-icon
Lilac Quail
Blue Quail-icon
Blue Quail
Red Quail-icon
Red Quail
Squirrels Gray Squirrel-icon
Gray Squirrel
Red Squirrel-icon
Red Squirrel
White Squirrel-icon
White Squirrel
Redder Squirrel-icon
Redder Squirrel
Rats Brown Rat-icon
Brown Rat
Gray Rat-icon
Gray Rat
White Rat-icon
White Rat
Bats Black Bat-icon
Black Bat
Pink Bat-icon
Pink Bat
White Bat-icon
White Bat
Ravens Black Raven-icon
Black Raven
Purple Raven-icon
Purple Raven
Teal Raven-icon
Teal Raven
Chinchillas White Chinchilla-icon
White Chinchilla
Grey Chinchilla-icon
Grey Chinchilla
Black Chinchilla-icon
Black Chinchilla
Chameleons Blue Chameleon-icon
Blue Chameleon
Pink Chameleon-icon
Pink Chameleon
Green Chameleon-icon
Green Chameleon
Highland Cows Brown Highland Cow-icon
Brown Highland Cow
White Highland Cow-icon
White Highland Cow
Black Highland Cow-icon
Black Highland Cow
Polar Bear Pink Polar Bear-icon
Pink Polar Bear
White Polar Bear-icon
White Polar Bear
Yellow Polar Bear-icon
Yellow Polar Bear
Festive Polar Bear-icon
Festive Polar Bear
Penguin Black Penguin-icon
Black Penguin
Blue Penguin-icon
Blue Penguin
White Penguin-icon
White Penguin
Festive Penguin-icon
Festive Penguin
Sugarglider Black Sugarglider-icon
Black Sugarglider
Brown Sugarglider-icon
Brown Sugarglider
White Sugarglider-icon
White Sugarglider
Festive Sugarglider-icon
Festive Sugarglider
Ram White Ram-icon
White Ram
Black Ram-icon
Black Ram
Pink Ram-icon
Pink Ram
Chipmunk Brown Chipmunk-icon
Brown Chipmunk
Beige Chipmunk-icon
Beige Chipmunk
Blue Chipmunk-icon
Blue Chipmunk
Armadillo Tan Armadillo-icon
Tan Armadillo
White Armadillo-icon
White Armadillo
Prismatic Armadillo-icon
Prismatic Armadillo
Reindeer Brown Reindeer-icon
Brown Reindeer
White Reindeer-icon
White Reindeer
Gray Reindeer-icon
Gray Reindeer
Seals Brown Seal-icon
Brown Seal
White Seal-icon
White Seal
Gray Seal-icon
Gray Seal
Frogs Marigold Frog-icon
Marigold Frog
Lilac Frog-icon
Lilac Frog
Green Frog-icon
Green Frog
Swans Black Swan-icon
Black Swan
White Swan-icon
White Swan
Pink Swan-icon
Pink Swan
Kissing Swans-icon
Kissing Swans
Sheep Kissing Sheep-icon
Kissing Sheep

Reward Edit

  • 1 Mystery Animal Box which contains Deer, Quails, and Squirrels can be bought for 1,000 points from Citi Rewards
  • 2 Mystery Animal Crates which contains Hedgehogs, Owls, and Rabbits are the Reward for purchasing the Huge Homestead.
  • 2 Mystery Animal Crates which contains Seals, Frogs, and Swans are the Reward for purchasing the Giant Homestead.
  • 2 Mystery Animal Crates which contains Seals, Frogs, and Swans are the Reward for purchasing the Enormous Homestead.

RewardVille Edit

  • 1 Mystery Animal Crate could be obtained from RewardVille for Coins-icon 120 Coins. This crate contained an alpaca, turtle, or a ferret.

Collection Edit

The Mystery Animal Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired from feeding or grooming Mystery Animals.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Studded Leash-icon Spiked Collar-icon Cute Bow-icon Golden Bowl-icon Fancy Treat-icon Stuffed Bear-icon
Studded Leash Spiked Collar Cute Bow Golden Bowl Fancy Treat Free Stuffed Bear

Gallery Edit

Mystery animal in a box

Mystery Animal Crate pop-up

Animal crate icon

Original Mystery Animal Box

Mystery Animal 2

Mystery Animal Box #2

Mystery Animal 3

Mystery Animal Box #3

Feed a Child-icon

Feed a Child Mystery Animal Box

Mystery Animal Box 5-icon

Mystery Animal Box #5

Halloween Mystery Animal Crate-icon

Mystery Animal Halloween Box

Mystery Animal Box 6-icon

Mystery Animal Box #6

Mystery Reindeer Crate-icon

Mystery Reindeer Box

Winter Mystery Animal Crate-icon

Winter Mystery Animal Crate

Mystery Animal Box 7-icon

Mystery Animal Box #7

Mystery Animal Box 8-icon

Kissing Animal Mystery Animal Box

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