Peach Tree
Peach Tree-icon
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CostCoins-icon 1,060 Coins
SellCoins-icon 5 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 1 XP
SellCoins-icon 25 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 1 XP
SellCoins-icon 50 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 1 XP
SellCoins-icon 50 Coins
XP GainedXP-icon 2 XP

The Peach Tree is one of the Fruit Trees available in FrontierVille. It can be purchased from the Market for Coins-icon 1,060 Coins. Unlike Crops, Peach Trees do not wither. They can be moved, but not rotated.


Planting a Peach Tree gains XP-icon 1 XP. It must then be watered twice before it becomes full size. Every time that it is watered, Energy-icon 1 Energy is used, and XP-icon 1 XP is gained. It will only produce Food when it is full size. It will produce XP-icon 2 XP and Food-icon 4 Food every 3 hours. There is a chance of finding an item from the Peach Collection, or Energy-icon 1 Energy when watering or harvesting Peach Trees.

Seedling Sapling Tree Fruit
Image Peach Tree Seedling-icon Peach Tree Sapling-icon Peach Tree Big-icon Peach Tree Fruit-icon


XP-icon Food-icon Reputation-icon
When Neighbor
x1 x1
When Visiting
x1 x1 x1


The Peach Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by watering or harvesting Peach Trees.

Collectibles Reward
Peach Cider-icon Peach Candy-icon Peach Preserve-icon Peach Cobbler-icon Peach Pie-icon Energy-icon Barrel-icon
Peach Cider Peach Candy Peach Preserve Peach Cobbler Peach Pie 7 Energy Barrel


See the Fruit Tree page for more info.



The Peach Tree is available to be gifted at Level 24.

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