Picnic Basket
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The Picnic Basket is a meal that a Pioneer may ask their Neighbors for. Until July 28th, 2010, what Neighbors could actually send was the Light Snack. When a Neighbor accepts to send it, they will get one for themselves as well. Both sender and requesting Pioneer will gain Energy-icon 3 Energy.

The receiver of the request gets the following message in their Facebook request list: "Neighbor Name" sent a request using FrontierVille: I'm gettin' tired out here ... I could really use a picnic basket with a yummy Light Snack inside. I'll get 3 extra energy, and you'll get a Light Snack too! Please don't let my family starve!


Picnic Basket yellow
The picnic basket has a variety of color and patterns (including yellow, pink, turquoise or purple) on the page where one chooses the neighbors, but a red pattern when asking for it and when neighbors send it. The menu where you choose your friends currently only provides a full list of your friends, not an option for FrontierVille-only friends. When the request is sent, it reloads the game instead of going back to where you left off.


Purple basket Pink basket Picnic Basket blue with stars
Ask for energy Ask Friends for Energy Time to Eat

Picnic basket req

Frontier Jack Picnic Basket

Frontier Jack Sends Picnic Basket

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