Pig Farming
Pig Farming-icon
—Image © Zynga
Goal Information
DescriptionPigs are some of the most profitable animals around, for how much work they take to grow. Good luck on the ranch!
In-Game HintAnimals take time and multiple feedings to grow to adult size.
XPXP-icon 150 XP
FoodFood-icon 150 Food
Sharing Bonus
Item1 Pig
Start Ranching, Rockin Those Oxen Pig Farming Clobber Foxes and Gather Weaving Materials

Pig Farming is one of the Goals in FrontierVille. It was released on June 9th, 2010.

Tasks Edit

Pig-icon Buy 9 Pigs. Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 12 Horseshoes
Sell Pig-icon Sell 9 Adult Pigs. Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 80 Horseshoes

Share Edit

Share Trophy Pioneer just raised up a buncha pigs for profit in FrontierVille!

Pioneer tended them pigs like they was family, then sold 'em for a big ol' profit. Now Pioneer has a few extra piglets!

Gallery Edit

Pig Farming

Goal Info

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