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SourceGifted by Friends or Purchased in Market for Horseshoe-icon 4 Horseshoes

A Ribbon is a Crafting Workbench item that can be used in making a Crib, Fancy Clothing and a Present. A ribbon is an objective item that may be required in some Goals. Neighbors can gift ribbons. There's also the option of posting a wishlist request. It is possible to get the Ribbon from a Mystery Gift. Ribbons can be sold for Coins-icon 120 Coins.

Ribbons are also part of the cost to enroll in all Lessons.

Crafting Edit

Materials Product Workbench
Ribbon-icon Cloth-icon Present-icon General Store-icon
Ribbon-icon 2 Ribbon Cloth-icon 5 Cloth Present General Store
Ribbon-icon Clothes-icon Fancy Clothing-icon General Store-icon
Ribbon-icon 2 Ribbon Clothes-icon 2 Clothes Fancy Clothing General Store
Ribbon-icon Sawhorse-icon Crib-icon Barn-icon
Ribbon-icon 5 Ribbon 2 Sawhorses Crib Barn

Goals Edit

Reward Edit

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