Signposts present "coming soon" parts of FrontierVille. Signposts can be moved anywhere in the Homestead, however, they can not be rotated. They are currently unreleased.

Location Sign Image Description
Gold Rush Gold Rush Sign-icon Gold Rush Image-icon Yeeeeeeeeehaaw! That's the sound of "Gold Fever"! Stake your claim and strike it rich in the mountains of Gold Rush! Watch out for claim-jumpers!
Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Canyon Sign-icon Rattlesnake Canyon Image-icon When you're ready, make your way over to Rattlesnake Canyon. There's bound to be loads of hidden riches... along with a few bandits that need to be taught a lesson or two!
Buffalo Range Buffalo Range Sign-icon Buffalo Range Image-icon Go git you a home where the buffalo roam! Buffalo Range has Native American tribes to trade with, plus lots of critters -- includin' the Iron Horse!
Oregon Trail Oregon Trail Sign-icon Oregon Trail Image-icon Adventurers are headin' west! Maybe one of 'em will pass by your homestead, pardner. The Oregon Trail ain't for the faint of heart - you'll need pioneer spirit 'n' teamwork to make it!

  • At this point, it is unclear when any new parts will open.

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