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CoinsCoins-icon 3 Coins
ExperienceXP-icon 2 XP
Energy CostEnergy-icon 1 Energy
Varmint Chance100%

Skulls are part of the Environment in FrontierVille. They can be cleared from the Homestead for Energy-icon 1 Energy. From clearing Skulls you will gain: Coins-icon 3 Coins and XP-icon 2 XP. Like all Debris types, it will spawn again after a while, if there is enough room. One Skull can be bought from the Market for Horseshoe-icon 8 Horseshoes.


See the Debris page for more info.



The Clearing Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by clearing Debris from the Homestead.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Arrowhead-icon Eagle Feather-icon Pottery-icon Mushroom-icon Spanish Coin-icon Wood-icon Rocks-icon
Arrowhead Eagle Feather Pottery Mushroom Spanish Coin Wood-icon 35 Wood 1 Rocks

Reward Edit

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