Tailor Shop!
Tailor Shop!-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionIt’d be great to get Charles out of that terrible sweat shop. If you’re going to open a tailor shop, you’ll need some cotton and wool. And why not send Charles a good meal? It sounds like he hasn’t eaten for weeks!
In-Game HintAll items are available at the market.
XPXP-icon 100 XP
Sharing Bonus
XPXP-icon 50 XP
Checking for Breakfast Tailor Shop! Scout the Territory

Tailor Shop! is one of the Goals in FrontierVille. It is the first step in the Tailor Shop Goal Series. It was released on October 13th, 2010.

Tasks Edit

Cotton-icon Plant 30 Cotton Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 30 Horseshoes
Sheep-icon Buy 10 Sheep in the Market Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 30 Horseshoes
Lunch-icon Buy 1 Lunch in the Market Unlock for Horseshoe-icon 50 Horseshoes

Share Edit

Share Tailor Shop!-icon Pioneer's getting the business!

Pioneer's looking to go into business with Pioneer's cousin Charles! Why not learn from the experience?

Gallery Edit

Tailor Shop!
Tailor Shop! Complete

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