Tool panel

The Tool Panel is a set of icons used to help a Pioneer maintain their homestead in FrontierVille.

List of ToolsEdit

Image Description
My Tools Menu-icon My Tools Menu
Click the My Tools icon to open the My Tools Menu.
Tend Tool-icon Tend Tool is the default cursor. It can be used to Clear Land, harvest Crops, chop Trees, feed Animals, Whack Frameworks and scare/clobber Varmints on a Pioneer's Homestead.
Sell Tool-icon Sell Tool is the tool used to sell Animals and other objects. Some items cannot be sold, only removed.
Rotate Tool-icon Rotate Tool is the tool used to rotate objects on a Pioneer's Homestead.
Move Tool-icon Move Tool is the tool used to move objects around a Pioneer's Homestead.
Store Tool-icon Store Tool is the tool used to store Decorations in the Storage Shed.
Cancel Tool-icon Cancel Tool is the tool used to immediately stop all actions the Pioneer is performing or about to perform.
Market Menu-icon Market Menu is where a Pioneer can spend Coins or Horseshoes on Crops, Trees, Animals, Buildings, Decorations and Meals. View the Market page for a complete list.
My Stuff Menu-icon My Stuff Menu
Click the My Stuff icon to open the My Stuff Menu.
Gifts Menu-icon Gifts is a menu used to view recently accepted Gifts along with the Neighbor who sent it.
Family Album-icon Family Album is a menu used to view a Pioneer's avatar. Spouse avatars and Child avatars are also viewed here. Customizing avatars is also possible from this menu.
Inventory-icon Inventory is a menu that displays a list of items a Pioneer has acquired. Accepted Neighbor Gifts, bonus gifts, rewards, and crafted items are stored in inventory.
Collections-icon Collections is a menu of items collected while performing certain tasks. View the Collections page for a complete list.
Missions Organizer is how you can organize your Goals.
Options Menu-icon Options Menu
Click the Options icon to open the Options Menu.
Quality-icon Quality: Toggle the graphics quality.
Sound-icon Sound Effects: Toggle sound effects on or off.
Music-icon Music: Toggle music on or off.
Zoom In-icon Zoom In
Zoom Out-icon Zoom Out
Fullscreen-icon Fullscreen: Toggle fullscreen mode.

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