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SourceBeing Hired by Neighbors or Purchased in Market for Horseshoe-icon 4 Horseshoes

Tools is a Crafting Workbench item that can be used in making Sawhorse and Furnishings. A set of Tools is an objective item that may be required in some Goals. Being hired to work on a Neighbor's Homestead gives the Pioneer the option to share some Tools. Also tending neighbors wilted crops will generally give you the option to share some tools also. Clicking on a posting in the News Feed also gives the possibility of obtaining a set of Tools, but is not always guaranteed. It is possible to get the Tools from a Mystery Gift.

Crafting Edit

Materials Product Workbench
Plank-icon Tools-icon Sawhorse-icon Barn-icon
Plank-icon 5 Planks Tools-icon 2 Tools Sawhorse Barn
Sawhorse-icon Tools-icon Furnishings-icon Sawmill-icon
4 Sawhorse Tools-icon 4 Tools Furnishings Sawmill
Wood-icon Tools-icon Sextant-icon Land Office-icon
Wood-icon 25 Wood Tools-icon 3 Tools Sextant Land Office

Goals Edit

Reward Edit

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