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The groundhog - a varmint found while harvesting crops on the Homestead.

A Varmint is a pesky animal which appears while doing certain tasks on the Homestead such as Clearing land, chopping Trees, harvesting Crops or feeding Animals. Varmints used to cause surrounding areas to have a red Aura, indicating actions performed within the Aura will consume Energy-icon +1 extra Energy until the Varmint is clobbered or scared off. Some items, such as Animals and Crops, can be moved outside of the Aura's range. The Aura has been removed and it is not known if this is a definitive change or only a temporary one.

Varmints Edit

Bear Groundhog Snake Fox Coyote
Bear-icon Groundhog-icon Snake-icon Fox-icon Coyote-icon

Ghost Town VarmintsEdit

to be advised

Trail Varmints Edit

Beaver Valley Varmints Edit

To be advised.

High Plains Varmints Edit

To be advised.

Avalanche Plains Varmints Edit

To be advised.

Fort Courage Varmints Edit

To be advised.

Limited Edition Varmints Edit

Note: It was possible to have both the ghost and the normal living types of varmint on your Homestead at the same time.

Haunted Halloween Extravaganza
Ghost Bear Ghost Groundhog Ghost Snake Ghost Fox Headless Horseman
Ghost Bear-icon Ghost Groundhog-icon Ghost Snake-icon Ghost Fox-icon Headless Horseman-icon

St. Patrick's Day Event


Please see the specific varmint pages for information on what goals they are needed for.

Badges Edit

The following badges are available from clobbering unique types of Varmints in one day:


Varmint Badge-icon
Varmint Vandal
Clobber 2

Varmint Badge-icon
Varmint Vanquisher Badge
Clobber 3
Varmint Badge-icon
Varmint Vaporizer Badge
Clobber 4
Varmint Badge-icon
Varmint Vigilante Badge
Clobber 5

See Also Edit

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