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CoinsCoins-icon 1 Coins
ExperienceXP-icon 1 XP
Energy CostEnergy-icon 1 Energy
Varmint Chance0%

Wildflowers are part of the environment in FrontierVille. It must be cleared from the Homestead for Energy-icon 1 Energy. From clearing Wildflowers you will gain XP-icon 1 XP and have chance to get part of Wildflower Collection.

Can also be obtained by turning in the Manure Collection. One Saltpeter, Wildflowers.

Types Edit

Wildflowers-icon Wildflowers2-icon Wildflowers3-icon Wildflowers4-icon Wildflowers5-icon


The Wildflower Collection is a Collection that contains items which can be acquired by clearing Wildflowers.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Orange Flower-icon Pink Flower-icon Purple Flower-icon White Flower-icon Yellow Flower-icon XP-icon Bouquet-icon
Orange Flower Pink Flower Purple Flower White Flower Yellow Flower XP-icon 50 XP One Bouquet

Note: It does not matter which colour of wildflower you clear as all flowers produce all collection items.

Reward Edit


See the Debris page for more info.

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