ZLotto was a lottery system created by Zynga, which gave the Pioneer the chance to win special prizes. It was initially created on August 26th, 2010, but without FrontierVille prizes. The FrontierVille Decorations were available from September 8th, 2010 until October 26th, 2010. You got a lottery ticket with 9 squares. You could choose 3 of the 9 squares, and get a prize if one of the squares contained a star. You could ask friends for tickets (up to 20 a day), and each day you got a free bonus ticket.



There are four prizes available:

Set Item
1 Pet Rocks-icon
Pet Rocks
2 Crooked Target Fence-icon
Crooked Target Fence
3 Zynga Buggy-icon
Zynga Buggy
4 Jack Statue-icon
Jack Statue
  • Items were limited to one for each ZLotto account.

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